After our recent trip to Perth, I had a few people contact me and ask how I survived the flight with both kids… solo!
Soooo, I thought I would put together a list of helpful tips that can make flying with young children a little more enjoyable & stress free!

Here they are:

Snacks, snacks and more SNACKS!
If your kids are like mine and refuse to eat the main meals on the plane, I would suggest you pack a few pre-made meals and snacks. I usual pack a few sandwiches, fruit, popcorn, bliss balls or packets of crackers.

Activity Books/Colouring books & pencils
If I’m super organized I will head to Kmart prior to the trip and stock up on some cheap activity books and colouring in things. The excitement that it’s ‘new’ and fun will keep them occupied for a little longer on the plane!
If I’m not as prepared, I’ll head to the newsagency at the airport and stock up on these things. It may cost you $10-15 more, but totally worth it!

An absolute life/sanity saver when your toddler is having his/her 10th meltdown in 30 minutes because they ‘don’t want the share the pencils’ with their sibling. Make sure you have some of their favourite games, movies or cartoon already downloaded on the device, so you can whip it out and get Dora playing within 5.6 seconds before the said toddler has their 11th meltdown.

LOTS of Nappies, Wipes, Nappy Bags & Change Pads
I always make sure I pack more than I need, as you never know if/when the poonamis will occur. Also, take into consideration you will be at the airport for 1-1.5 hours before even boarding and then at least 30 minutes after getting off the plane.
We are currently using the Coles CUBS range of nappies and wipes & loving them! They are super absorbent and leak proof!

Water bottles/Non-spill sippy cups
These tend to be a lot easier than helping them drink from the small twist top bottles the airlines provide. Coincidently less spills/clothing changes too! Win win!

Baby Bottles & Extra Formula
When both of my kids were little, I would make sure I packed extra bottles and formula as you want to be prepared incase the plane is delayed, if you have any accidental spills or if they are simply hungrier than usual.
It’s better to be safe than sorry – I think everyone will agree that dealing with a screaming HANGRY baby is no fun!

Spare clothing for yourself & the kids.
I always pack spare undies, tops & bottoms for both kids and a spare top & pants/shorts for myself. I was on a fight back from Perth 2 years ago and Emerson spilt my meal (spaghetti and meatballs- FUN) all over myself and her only 2 hours into a 5 hour flight. Safe to say I learned my lesson the hard way!
Also if you have a young bubba, you need to be prepared for the unsuspecting vom-a-tron after their feeds. No one wants to smell of baby spew throughout the duration of the flight!

Sleep Aids (blankies, comfort toys, sleeping bags or Dummies)
Perfect cue for your children to know when it’s sleep time or to simply help them feel a little less anxious when flying.
Also if you’re packing dummies, make sure you have 1-2 spares!

Baby Zen – Yoyo stroller 
This has been my #1 recommended item for all new parents. I cannot rave on about this stroller enough! I purchased mine when Emerson was about 6 months old & it’s been the most used item in the last 4 years. It’s certainly on the more expensive side, but the money spent on this was 100% worth it. It’s extremely lightweight (only 6.5kgs) and SO easy to maneuver.
The Yoyo’s biggest selling point while travelling is the fact it’s one of the only strollers in the world that fits in the overhead compartments on airplanes. So this means you are able to use it throughout the airport and even right up to the doors of the plane prior to boarding. LIFE SAVER!

Baby Carrier
Perfect for travelling with babies! They give you the freedom to be able to haul luggage through the airport or push your toddler in a pram with one hand. I loved the Baby Bjorn carrier for Emerson & Jordan.

Great for take off and landing- the sucking motion helps equalize the pressure in their little ears..
I take a handful of lollipops and a packet of the Key Sun Lozenger Sticks 
The Key Sun ‘lollipops’ are all natural (no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives) and have Zinc & Vitamin C included in them.
I pack the extra Allens lollipops because Jordan will occasionally turn his nose up to the natural ones, so I will have a few on standby.


A no-brainer. I always pack both of these products just in case!

Lastly, remind yourself that when travelling with young kids, everything takes a little longer. The trip from the car to the check in desk, toilet breaks, poonami changes, getting a coffee (wine) and boarding!

Make sure you allow yourself extra time, so you aren’t flustered and stressed prior to the flight!
From past experiences, the more relaxed (and organized) I am with the kids, the easier they have been on the flights.

Good luck & Happy flying!